Transaction Security Notification

Transaction Security Notification

At ASAP Energy Inc., ASAP General Stores, and Lucille’s Roadhouse Restaurant, we are serious about safeguarding your credit and debit card transactions.  We realize the threat of identity theft and credit card fraud is a reality in the business environment we live in today.  We want you to know that we are doing all we can to safeguard your information.

Here are a few of the safeguards we have implemented for your security.

  1. Pay-at-the-pump transactions are the most secure form of transaction we encounter. Our pumps will always ask for your billing account zip code to assure it is you using your card. Using your credit or debit card at the pump is the best way we have to protect you.
  2. At Phillips 66 and Conoco stations we operate, limits have been placed on the amount of fuel any one card can purchase during one transaction. You may encounter a time when the card and pump limit your transaction to this maximum amount. This is for your protection. You may continue your fueling with another transaction at the pump. If this is a problem for you with large trucks or fleet purchases, please speak to us about our wide array of fleet and commercial card options. We can probably also save you some money.
  3. Repeated use of the same card at a pump is a method used by identity thieves to conduct several small transactions. They hope you won’t notice the small transactions on your account and keep their fraud undetected. We monitor for “frequent use” transactions like this as part of keeping your accounts safe. You may find your card is declined when multiple purchases are made at the same pump in a short period of time. If this should happen, please step inside the store to prepay the pump. A cashier will be happy to help you in person. We also want you to know that if you use your credit card for multiple transactions during a short period of time you may be contacted by the credit card issuer to verify you are using your card. Always keep your contact information up to date and communicate with the credit card issuer, because they are trying to help protect you from fraud.
  4. At ASAP General Stores, we won’t simply authorize pumps for “fill up.” We prefer you take advantage of our secure, pay-at-the-pump process. For your protection and ours, we believe this is the most convenient and safest way to conduct business.
  5. Whether paying at the pump, inside our store, or in the restaurant, all credit card data and personal information is encrypted and secured via the credit card networks. Our store employees and other personnel never have access to your account number and other personal information. When using your credit card for any purchases your credit card should not leave your possession.
  6. Please review your billing statements carefully to detect any abuse or fraud. Report all problems to your issuing card company immediately. Remember, your data is not accessible to the store personnel, so contacting a store often causes delays that the thieves use to continue their theft.

We hope you never become the victim of credit card fraud or identity theft. Should it happen to you, though, please contact your issuing card company immediately to report the problem.  At ASAP Energy Inc., ASAP General Stores, and Lucille’s Roadhouse Restaurant we are diligent about striving to maintain your security and provide you with convenient and efficient service.