ASAP Charge Card

Get the convenience of paying at the pump and consolidating all of your monthly fuel purchases on one bill with our ASAP Proprietary Card.

The ASAP Proprietary Card will allow you to establish a credit account with ASAP Energy Inc., swipe the card at our ASAP General Stores, and add your fuel purchase to your monthly bill.

Click the CARD for a downloadable application!

We are proud to offer this card to our farm and ranch customers who hold a valid Tax Exemption Card (EMX). 

This card eliminates the need to go into the store and having the cashier turn on the pump to purchase dyed diesel!

To comply with Oklahoma Law, the price shown for this fuel includes applicable taxes.

To purchase this fuel without tax you must use the ASAP Energy Inc. Proprietary Card with Valid Tax Exemption Permit (EMX) number on file.

Use of the ASAP Proprietary Card will automatically lower the price $.434 cents per gallon.

For immediate answers to all of you questions about the ASAP Energy Inc. Charge Card, please contact: