Tesla Charging Stations

pic1March 2015 – Tesla Pumps

The newly installed Tesla pumps are ready for use, and they have already seen their first customers! On a trip out west in their electric Tesla car, the Cleary family stopped in for some food, fuel, and rest. These cars are on the cutting edge of automobile evolution. They can get you from point A to point B smoothly, silently, and without a drop of gasoline. ASAP Energy Inc wants to be on the frontlines of energy evolution, and they are doing just that with these pumps. These pumps are located right along Route 66 and I-40. domain name data . They are conveniently located within walking distance of a traditional Oklahoma Route 66 stop, Lucille’s Roadhouse, and the Holiday Inn Express.

You can see the Cleary’s Tesla car recharging in the provided photos.

pic2 . .

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